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    Roof Tune Up

    Your roof is exposed to several harsh elements.  During winter, it has to endure cold temperatures and snow.  During summer, it has to endure the UV rays of the sun and the heat.  When it rains, the roof is exposed to excessive moisture.  While the structure is specifically designed to endure all these forces, it does need a roof tune up every once in a while.  At Orange County Roof Repair, we can handle regular roof tune ups to keep your roof healthy and extend its lifespan.

Our Roof Tune Up Services

Our roof tune-up services are very comprehensive so we can handle every aspect of your roof. Here’s what we can do:


  • Roof Flashings – Roof flashings are protective metal sheets placed on the joints of the roof to keep water away. If the flashings are damaged in any way, the rain water or snow melt would seep into the joints and under the shingles, which can damage the roof. During the roof tune up process, we’ll examine the flashings and correct any problems we find.
  • Storm Collars and Vent Caps – Storm collars and vent caps protect the vents from rain water and storms. These should be installed properly and sealed well. During the roof tune up process, we’ll examine them and make sure that there are no gaps and problems.
Roof Tune Up Services
Roof Tune Up Specialists
  • Skylights and Chimneys – The tiles and shingles around skylights, chimneys, and even valley sections can be very vulnerable because of the weight and pressure from these installations. During the roof tune up process, we will check the areas around these installations and replace any slipped or cracked tiles.
  • Cleaning – We will also clean any debris such as dried leaves and dust from the roof and its gutters. This ensures your roof drainage system runs smoothly and there are no clogs.


Our roof tune-up services remove the burden of roof maintenance from your shoulders. We’ll make sure that your roof remains intact and problem-free throughout the year. Regular maintenance will also help you avoid expensive repairs because we’ll spot major problems early and address them promptly. This ensures that roof problems don’t worsen over time, because they weren’t spotted on time.


If you want to know more about our roof repair or roof tune up services here at Orange County Roof Repair, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill in our contact us form. We’ll be happy to help.

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