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    Orange County Roof Inspection

    Your home is probably one of your most important investmentsand it’s vital to ensure that you make the right purchase decision. Most buyers will be cautious and evaluate every aspect of their potential home before they buy it. Unfortunately, some buyers don’t pay any attention to the roof. They simply look at it and if they don’t see any visible problems, they forget about it.


    But, a visual inspection by an amateur isn’t enough. You can miss serious problems that might cost a considerable amount of money,to repair at a later date. It’s why you should get a professional roof inspection done,and we at Orange County Roof Repair can help.

Roof Inspection Services for Orange County

We’ve been a part of this industry for several years now and understand roofs well. Our experts have keen eyes andare familiar with all symptoms roof damage. Here’s what we do when you call us:

  • Our experts arrive at the location at the scheduled time.
  • They conduct a thorough visual inspection and take several pictures of the roof.
  • They’ll evaluate the roof from every angle to ensure they don’t miss anything.
  • If they spot signs of damage, they’ll note down the details and take pictures of the damaged areas.
  • Once they have thoroughly inspected the roof, they’ll prepare a report with details about the condition of the roof.


We are honest and forthright so we don’t recommend repairs unless the roof needs it. We won’t invent problems just to get a job and earn some money, so you can trust our findings.

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Roof Inspections Orange COunty

The Benefit of Roof Inspections

There are several benefits of roof inspection before purchase which are worth the expense required to call in a professional.


  • You’ll know about severe roof problems (if any), before you sign the dotted line. That means you can ask the sellers to repair it or reduce the selling price accordingly.
  • After we insect your roof you’ll know the condition of the roof and won’t have to deal with unexpected problems. You can plan roofing repairs and replacements as per your convenience.
  • You’ll have some leverage and good information during the sale negotiations. That would help you get the right deal and help you save some money.


If you want to know more about our roof inspection and other such services here at Orange County Roof Inspection, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill in our contact us form. We’ll be happy to help.

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