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    As one of the most reputed and reliable Laguna Niguel Roofing Companies with a a niche fortile roof repairs.  We are a company that has been licensed as a repair specialist since 1997. Having over 20 years’ experience and having repaired thousands of roofs makes us a repair specialist. If the thought of having a novice on your roof doesn’t appeal to you then give us a try.

Local Laguna Niguel Roofing Company

South County Roofing has been located in the same spot in Lake Forest, Ca 92630 since 1997.  This makes us one of the older companies in all of Orange County.

They will discuss your requirements in a detailed manner and will survey the entire job. Once they make note of all the trouble spots, they will then give you information about how they plan to go about the roof repair work.

Once you have given your approval, we will then ensure that our personnel come over to your location on the pre-decided date and carry out the work expertly and to your 100% satisfaction.

In addition to our specialized repair solutions, we also handle all type of roof maintenance jobs such as gutter cleaning in Laguna Niguel. Many customers also opt for our skylight and solar fan maintenance and replacement services.

We use the best quality materials and products in our work and ensure that the workmanship is of the highest quality as well.

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Reliable Laguna Niguel Roofing Company

If you are looking for an A+ rated Roofer with the Better Business Bureau that provides excellent and cost-effective services, you need look no further than us. Furthermore, when we handle this job, you can rest assured that your roof structure will look good and that it will last for a number of years as well.

In addition, we have a lot of other services we can offer you.  For instance, expert wood repair such as eave board replacement and the changing of dry rot damaged fascia.  Additionally, no matter what service you hire us for we will always go the extra mile.

As a leading Laguna Niguel Roofing Company, we offer customized repair solutions that will meet your expectations.  If getting your roof repair right the first time is your goal, then we are the roofing contractor for you.

Touch base with Laguna Niguel Roofing specialist at 949-597-0192.  Additionally, you can fill out the contact form below and we’ll call or email you back to discuss the details.

Roofing Maintenance for Laguna Niguel Roofs

We understand that your roof is one of the most important features of your home and it’s crucial that it be in a good condition at all times. And so, if you see any loose shingles or broken or damaged roof components, you should call us without delay. You will find that we are very prompt with our response and ensure that our experts come over to your location within the shortest possible time.  Here’s some of our more popular services:

Roof Tune Ups – can be as simple as fixing a tile that fell off your home.  Additionally, it could be a large commercial repair jobs or roof coating.

Wood Fascia – properly getting a rooted piece of wood fascia down and hanging a new one.

Dry Rot Repairs – Can happen around the edges of your roof.  Small leaks develop over time and rot the wood at the perimeter of the roof.  Moreover, this can can lead to premature failure and should be addressed right away.

Solar Attic Fans – Can help exhaust the air from a whole house fan.  Additionally, they let hot air simply rise out of your attic space.  Solar attic fans and extra roof vents are a necessary part of every well-maintained home.

Broken Roof Tiles Need to be Removed and Replaced to Keep You Leak Free –

Tiles can break while having your home tented for termites.  Christmas light installers aren’t trained in roofing can mistakenly break tiles on your roof.  Satellite dish installers often break roof tiles while putting up their equipment.  No matter what the case or why your tiles are broken you need to address this situation.

Broken roof tiles left unattended or unnoticed will eventually lead to premature roof failure.  This in turn will lead to costly roof leaks at the worst of times.  If anyone has been on your roof do yourself a favor and have us walk your roof and make sure everything is okay.

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On how to walk on tile roofs without breaking tiles.  You will get un unbiased opinion on the condition of your roof and “if” any action is required on your part.  Our roof repair estimates are thorough, and we always take before, during, and after photos for your piece of mind.

Great prices and even better customer service is what we are all about.  We give each customer our exclusive “No Leak” warranty.  It specifically states states that if we don’t fix your roof leak as written and agreed then we will refund your money.  With nothing the lose and everything to gain why not give us a shot at your repair.

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