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We can repair just about any roof that you would want such as:

  • Concrete Roofing Tiles
  • Asphalt Composition
  • Lightweight Roofing Tile
  • Hot Tar and Gravel
  • Spanish Clay Tiles
  • Flat Roofs
  • Slate Tiles
  • Commercial Roofing
Roof Repair Specialists


By choosing Orange County Roofing you are guaranteed your repair will be done by professionals who specialize in roof leak detection and roof maintenance.

We take great pride in offering our customers a full coverage roof leak repair warranty. Our warranties do not have minimum show up fees, maximum amount of repair attempts, any prorated clauses, deductibles, and we cover wear and tear. If we can’t fix your leak you won’t pay for it.

Orange County Roofing Company


Orange County Roofing is a small and specialized roofing company serving all of Orange County. We are completely licensed, bonded, and insured. We have been located in Lake Forest, Ca 92630 since 1997.

Our specialty is roof leak detection and performing general maintenance on all type of tile roofs.

Orange County Roofing Company

Orange County Roofing specializes in roof repairs of all types of roofs in Orange County, CA. We offer comprehensive roof tune ups for residential roofs and commercial roofing. We can find and fix a difficult roof leak. We use moisture detecting devices and we offer a roof leak detection service with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If your leak is not found and repaired as promised you won’t pay for it! We can clean mold off your roof in an environmentally responsible manner), and we can check and repair your gutters. If you have dirty or clogged gutter give us a call and we can re-level your uneven sections of gutters and clean them to get ready for the rainy season.

Our staff is highly skilled at what we do because we have focused on specific roofing services we offer and we do them the same way over and over. We are efficient and focused. The staff is customer service oriented and friendly. All employees are uniformed with a company shirt with their name on the front. We do not ever hire day laborers, or casual employees. We have one main goal. Make the customer happy!


Roof Leak Detection in Orange County

Is the process of carefully dismantling the roof in order to uncover the full extent of a roof leak and to pinpoint the leak source (s). When we are hired to find and fix a difficult roof leak you can expect us to not only do just that but, we will also photograph and document the roof leak, show you the problem so that you can better understand what is going on with your home, check the plywood or deck, and replace any dry rot or mold damaged wood. Mold damage can be a huge problem when dealing with roof leak. Don’t get stuck with mold being left inside your home or under your newly repaired roof.

Brian Atkins - Orange County Roofing Specialist

Orange County Roof Inspection Services

We work closely with real estate agents and perform roof inspection all over Orange County. As a buyer you can have us check your roof and make sure you are aware of the condition of the roof and potential cost involved before you make an offer. As a seller you may want to get your home ready for inspections by having us check your roof and make any necessary repairs before the buyer comes in with his own roofer. When that happens, the usual result is the buyer is told they need a new roof. It is hard to change their opinion at that point.

If you are a new home buyer do not look to your home inspector for professional roofing advice. Your home inspector may be good at what he does but he is not a licensed roofing contractor. Having our knowledge and experience makes a huge difference and could result in BIG savings for you when you go to negotiate for repairs and will go a long way in getting the seller to compensate you for any needed roof repairs.

Roof Tune Ups and Broken Roofing Tiles in Orange County, CA

Roof Tune Ups and Broken Roofing Tiles

Properly done maintenance is critical to the health of your roof. Although just about every roofer offers some sort of tune up service you need to know that ours is not the same. If you have us out to tune up your roof you will not need your roof checked again for years. Our goal is not to keep coming back or to offer lowest possible pricing. Our goal is to carefully and thoroughly check the roof via a visual inspection, recommend only what is needed.

We are centrally located in Lake Forest 92630 and we can quickly schedule an appointment for close by cities such as; Lake Forest, Irvine, Foothill Ranch, Aliso Viejo and Laguna Hills. Local cities we can get to quickly are Mission Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Trabuco Canyon and Rancho Santa Margarita. If you would like us to repair your roof in a city nearby those areas or anywhere else in Orange County, give us a call and we will do our best to get out there right away.

Broken Roofing Tile Replacements

If you have roofing tiles on your roof then the chances are that you have some broken or cracked tiles that should be replaced.  This can be a very small job that some roofing companies don’t even want to waste their time on. We can help get your roof in shape by properly replacing your cracked or broken roofing tiles.  We do not glue tiles together we replace them.  If you glue tiles on your roof eventually the glue will fail and the result can be a roof leak.  Hire us and be confident that the job will be done right!

We know how to identify what type of roofing tile is on your home and we know how to find a suitable replacement tile.  We know where to go to get the tile, what to get, and how to get the job done right the first time.  If you would like your roof looked at for possible replacement of some broken roofing tiles then give us a call.  We will gladly come and check your roof.  We are honest in our findings and are upfront with affordable pricing that makes sense.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

In the spring and summer months we can clean and inspect your gutter system.  Gutter should be kept clean of dirt and debris and properly leveled.  Second story down spouts should be inspected to make sure they are re-directing water back into the gutter and not onto the roof surface.

Excess water from second story downspouts can result in premature failure of lower roof systems.  We can also re-level gutter systems that are holding water and install water shields where the roof run off is spilling over the gutters.

Leaking Chimney, Skylight, or Valley Section

We specialize in repairing the roof around a leaking chimney or skylight.  Both of these areas have the exact same flashing detail around them and usually leak for the same reasons.


Reason #1 – High water traffic area

High water traffic areas are located on your roof where high volumes of water run off the roof and around or through a critical flashing area.  This can cause wear and tear on the roof.  Wear and tear around a chimney or skylight will need to be carefully repaired.

We will remove every bit of roofing from around the chimney or skylight, find and document the leak sources, repair the deck and insure you are not stuck with dangerous mold under your roofing tiles, fabricate and install new flashing, use premium water shield for an extra layer of protection from wind driven rain, and put everything back to together in a in which you won’t be able to tell your roof was repaired.


Reason #2 – Poor Workmanship

Poor workmanship can result from either the initial roofing job or attempted repair (s).  Your roof when it was initialed installed is meant to be leak free for a period of ten year.  That’s because the builder who built your home is obligated to warranty the roof for that period only.  After that, you’re on your own.  That is why lifetime roofing tiles installed on your roof start to leak about 10-20 years in.

Roof repairs are often the poorest workmanship we see.  Because of the lack of inspection or oversight they get done however the installer chooses.  Without procedures and extensive training you’re the direction of your roof repair is possibly in the hands of an inexperienced or under skilled roofer.


Reason #3 – Normal wear and tear

Normal wear and tear can be the simple accumulation of leaves and debris behind chimney and skylights or in valleys.  This slows the water run-off and accelerates wear and tear the roof.  Flashing need appropriate storm collars and sealant.  We often see cheap sealants used around flashing collars and broken and cracked mortar.  These, left unchecked will lead to expensive roof leaks.

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Representatives Available 30+ Hours Per Week
  • Sales Reps Dedicated to Fixing Your Roof and Customer Service
  • Professional, Uniformed Employees that are Trained and Skilled

Having someone in the office (Kaitlyn) at least 30hours a week allows me (the owner, Brian Atkins) to be in the field working with customers, sales reps, and roofers. This is a huge benefit to us and we believe the customer.

With four sales representatives we can sometimes get to you faster and handle a higher volume of work (help more customers). In the case your rep can not be reached either the owner or another rep. can quickly take over and solve your problem or finish the repair.

Uniformed employees show that we are dedicated to our employees. We have extremely low turnover. This is due to the high moral at our company. I believe by offering employees vacation time, paid time off for major holidays, and a 401k with company matching at the max keeps the moral up and results in better customer service.

Orange County Roof Repair

Contact us now to schedule Orange County Roofing services or call (949) 597-0192.

Client Testimonials

  • John C.

    Lake Forest, CA

    Because of a leak in our roof, we contacted Orange County Roofing. Within short order the company inspected the problem and recommended the appropriate solution. We scheduled the repair that was carried out on time and professionally. We are very pleased with the company, the personnel, and the work done on our roof. We are now huge fans of Orange County Roofing and will recommend them to anyone with a similar problem without hesitation.

  • Greg H.

    Foothill Ranch, CA

    If you want a team of skilled professionals to provide prompt, thorough and fairly priced roofing services, simply call Orange County Roofing -- problem solved. A couple years ago (remember when it rained?) some leak stains appeared. Brian and and his guys found the damaged areas in two valleys, helped me with the cost-benefit assessment of re-roofing vs repairs, and promptly fixed the areas of damage. Problem solved. Now that I'm selling the place, there's a couple of slipped tiles that need attention. There was no question who I was going to call, and I am sure this too will be no problem. I even recommended Orange County Roofing awhile back to a business colleague for his townhouse. He too was pleased, and is now the buyer of my leak-free house.

  • Hunt D.

    Irvine, CA

    Brian performed our roof inspection, identifying and clearly communicating problem areas that needed attention. He and his crew did an excellent job repairing our roof, were pleasant to have on-site, and left things neat and clean afterwords. I would happily recommend them, and will certainly use them again in the future.

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