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    The roof of your home is one feature that tends to get overlooked and is rarely a part of regular home maintenance plans. Most good quality roofing will last for decades, but in order for that to happen; it has to be maintained well.  When it comes to roof maintenance, you need to be very careful about the professionals you hire for the job.

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Local, Licensed, and Insured Roof Leak Repair Specialist

Licensed and Insured Lake Forest Roofing

This is where we at Lake Forest Roofing differ; we are one of the most sought-after companies in Orange County.   Being local we service a large number of customers coming to us with their roof repair and roof maintenance solutions. We know what it takes to customize our services in such a manner that they are right in line with our client’s requirements.

South County Roofing is your local Lake Forest Roofing Company.  We have been located in Lake Forest for 20 Years as of June 26th of 2017.  Our office is located in Lake Forest, Ca 92630.  Over the past 20 years we have done hundreds of new roofs and thousands of roof repairs all over Orange County.

We are completely licensed with a C-39 roofing license #737515 registered with the Contractors State License since 1997.  We always keep an active and update Workers Compensation Policy and carry the optional General Liability.  We actually are completely licensed, bonded, and insured for you protection.  The owner Brian Atkins holds many manufactures Certifications and one of very few roofing contractors in Orange County Certified into the Industry Expert Program through the CSLB.

Lake Forest Roofing Repairs

We specialize in roof leak detection and repair for just about any type of roof.  No matter if you have a big or small roof leak, we can find the exact cause and leak source and repair.  Having years of experience find and fixing roof leaks allows us to find and fix them faster and more affordably.  We can save you a lot of money by finding your roof leak quickly and properly repairing the roof in a permanent manner.

Tile roofs can easily last 30-50 years.  If you have a twenty- or thirty-year-old roof and you don’t want to spend the money to completely re-roof your home, then give us a call.  We will carefully inspect your roof and help you outline a plan to reasonably perform the necessary roof maintenance to keep your roof leak free for many eras to come.

Reliable Lake Forest Services

As a long-standing company in the field, we have made our mark by being very consistent with the quality and level of services we provide. When you come to us with your requirements, you are assured of:

  • Professional and experienced Roofers.
  • Personalized attention and superior customer service.
  • Annual Roof Inspection and Roof Tune up Services.
  • Use of nothing but the best and highest quality materials and workmanship.
  • Excellent project management.
  • Tackle skylight replacement repairs and solar fan installations.
  • Professional Wood Fascia Replacement due to dry rot or termite damage.
  • Roof Leak Repair and Detection Services.
  • Timely completion of the work.
Lake Forest Roofing
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Reliable Lake Forest Roofing Experts

We provide excellent tile roof repair solutions and ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our work. No matter how big or small the job, we can handle it with skill and expertise. You only have to call us with your request, and we will ensure that you get high grade solutions at pricing that will fit perfectly into your budget.

If you have any type of roofing repair, maintenance or restoration requirement, we are the professionals to call. For any additional information about our services, speak with the Orange County Roof Repair experts at this number: (949) 597-0192. You can also send us all your project details via this online form and we will call you back to discuss all the details.

Professional Roof Inspection for Lake Forest Residents

You don’t want just anyone inspecting your roof.  You need a professional who is looking out for your best interest and not just trying to sell you a new roof or some unnecessary repairs.  We will always give you a truthful and accurate opinion on any repairs or reroof that may need to be done.  We will never recommend a new roof when all you need is som simple repair and we would not let you waste money repairing a roof that needs to be replaced.  Call us today for your roof inspection and we will take it from there.

When Should you get a professional roof inspection?

You should always get a roof inspected if you’re buying a new home.  When buying a new home you will have no idea how good or bad the roof is and you don’t want to get stuck with costly repairs that should have been negotiated during the purchasing process.

If you’re roof hasn’t been inspected in more than five years and you:

  • Have someone one your roof installing Christmas light
  • Have had workers on your roof putting on and taking off a tent for termite purposes
  • Had painted access the roof to paint sides that can only be painted while standing on the roof
  • Had a Satellite TV dish installed on the roof or at the some point.

Sometimes when these trades are on your roof they may accidentally damage some of your roofing tiles and might be afraid to mention it to you.  A broken or damage tile left expose to the weather can cause a lot of damage to your roof system.  Best to have Lake Forest Roofing check your roof is your answered yes to any of the above work done to your home recently.

Broken, Cracked, Displaced, Slipped, or Chipped Roofing Tiles

Broken roofing tiles are one of the main causes of roof damage.  The broken tile lets additional water get under the tiles and during a heavy rain your water proofing membrane can get saturated and leak.  If a roofing tile break apart completely the roofing felt will be exposed to the damaging rays of the sun and it will actually burn right through it down to the plywood deck.  This is commonly called a burn out and this will cause a nasty leak in your roof.

Displaced tiles are tile that were either never nailed down in the first place or had a weak tile adhesive used to hold it in place and it had come loose and slid out of position over time.  This also causes the felt paper to be exposed and this will also lead to extra water getting under your tiles and you will get a roof leak eventually from this.  It is normal for us to find both displaced tiles and broken roofing tiles on the same side.

Slipped tiles are very similar to displaced tiles.  They are typically tiles that are aligned up against a side wall of rear wall.  A lot of time these tiles cannot be nailed because the roofer does not want to make a hole in the roof flashing under the tile.  Typically a weak or cheap tile adhesive is used and over time it wears out.  The effects of wind and gravity slowly pull the tile forward towards the ground and sometimes the tiles appear to be stacking together.  We fix this problem all the time.  We carefully inspect the whole roof for and we know how to fix these roof problems permanently.

A chipped roofing tile is a tile that has a crack or chip usually in the channel or on the other edge.  Chips are acceptable damage to the tile and the manufacture does not view this as a big problem.  Sometimes we can locate the piece of tile that has chipped off and we can strategically glue it back together in a way that doesn’t divert water back under the roof or comprise the roof system in any way.  We do not recommend gluing broken tiles ever.  But, a small chip can be glued.  Chips that are longer than three inches are considered a broken tile and in that case it should be replaced by us.

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