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    Mission Viejo Roof Repair

    If you are looking for expert and experienced roofing contractors that can tackle maintenance and roof repair in Mission Viejo jobs, Orange County Roof Repair are the ones to come to. We also handle all types of roof maintenance jobs and ensure that we become your one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs. We work very closely with our clients and focus on customizing our services.

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Do You Need a Local Mission Viejo Roof Repair job done?

If you need a local and licensed roofing contractor for a roof repair at your home then you are in the right spot.  South County Roofing is celebrating its 20th year of being a licensed with the Contractors State License Board here in the State of California.  Our roofers are trained specifically to repair roof leaks and tile roofing repairs.  We have the experience necessary to identify what type of tile roofing is on your home in Mission Viejo and we can find replacement roofing tile in case you have some broken or missing tiles.

We can also repair your asphalt composition shingle roof, perform necessary roof maintenance, inspect your metal tile roof, perform roof leak detection, tune up your commercial flat roof, and we offer many more services in the Mission Viejo area.  If you have a commercial roof in the Mission Viejo area you can call on us to clean up and maintain your commercial flat roof and fix any leaks that suddenly occur.

Honest Mission Viejo Roof Repair Company

When we do this, we also keep your budget in view at all times and then ensure that the options we suggest fit right into that. There are a variety of roofing jobs that we handle; take a look at what these are…

  • Mission Viejo Roof repair – This includes replacement of shingles, repair of broken roofing tiles, and roof tune ups for all type of tile roofs.
  • Skylight Repair Mission Viejo– We can remove and replace a broken or cracked skylight or fix a leaking skylight flashing detail.
  • Mission Viejo Solar Fan Installer– Proper ventilation of your attic spaces includes installation of a solar fan or additional roof vents.
  • Gutter cleaning in Mission Viejo– This could be part of your roofing maintenance package or you can opt for it as a standalone service too.
  • Wood Fascia Repairs – From time to time every house will need to change a few pieces of wood fascia.  We have the experience and know how to do this without damaging the roof which, should be a big concern.  We include priming and paint and only use the best quality wood fascia.

In addition to all these services, we also provide skylight and solar fan repairs and replacement solutions. We use the best materials in our work and always focus on deploying skilled and experienced personnel for the job.  We are one of the most reputed roofing companies in Mission Viejo and ensure that our customers are satisfied with the solutions we provide them.

Mission Viejo Roof Repair
Mission Viejo Roof Leak Repair

Mission Viejo Roof Repair Specialist

If you are looking for a licensed Mission Viejo roofing contractor, then you are in the right place.  Furthermore, Mission Viejo Roof Repair will be able to understand what your specific requirements are and provide options and quotes that fit into your specifications, we are the company to contact. If you have any type of roof repair, maintenance or restoration requirement, call us today.

Lastly, for information about our Mission Viejo roof repair services call the Mission Viejo Roofing experts at this number- (949) 597-0192. You can also send us all your project details via this online form and we will call you back to discuss all the details.

South County Roofing – Mission Viejo Roofer

South County Roofing employees are knowledge in all types of roofing and roof repairs.  We offer long terms “No Leak” warranties to back all of our tile roof leak repairs.  When you contract South County Roofing you can be sure you job and all aspects of your repair will be handled with professionalism and integrity.   Our roofers all where company shirts at all times and are very respectful and mindful of customer service obligations to all Mission Viejo residents.  We do not require upfront payment or have show up fees for our Mission Viejo roofing services.

How to Find a Mission Viejo Roof Repair Expert

Scheduling and working with South County Roofing is made easier with a full time office personal to return your calls as fast as we can.  After calling the office you can get roofing professional out to your home to carefully inspect your roof to find and repair your roofing problem quickly and affordably.  We can educate you on any roof maintenance you should stay on top of and quickly get you an estimate for a cost to repair the maintenance.  All estimates are upfront and we do our best to point out any possible hidden repairs that may affect your budget.

Mission Viejo Roof Repair Specialist

South County Roofing is roof repair expert for Mission Viejo residents who are experiencing roof leak anywhere in their home.  We can easily and quickly fix your loose or displaced tiles.  We know where and how to quickly find suitable replacement tiles if you have some missing or broken roofing tiles on your roof.

Tile roofs can be tricky and they really need to be looked at by a roofing expert.  The owner at South County Roofing has been fixing roofs his whole career and we know how inspect every aspect of your tile roof.  After checking your roof we will proved you with a detailed estimate of the exact nature and condition of your roof.  We outline the steps necessary to repair your roof and we put everything in writing before we start your job.

We can also check your skylights and make sure they are not cracked and the flashing is correctly installed.  If your skylight is cracked or damaged we can order replacement skylight that will let the sunlight in and keep the water out.  If your flashing around the skylight starts leaking we can remove everything from around the skylight and fabricate new flashing on the spot to get your roof back together quickly and keep your leak from ruining your walls and carpet.

Does Your Roof Have Storm Damage or Wear and Tear

If your roof gets any storm damage we can come out to your home and properly document the damage and help you negotiate with your insurance company to make sure you are treated fairly.  Most roofing damage is not covered by your insurance company but, storm damage is specifically outlined in your home owner’s insurance policy and you are covered for this roof damage.

If your roof does suffer storm damage the insurance company will not only pay for the interior damage but, it will also pay you for any emergency repairs such as tarping or covering your roof with plastic in order to properly protect your home and pay for your roof. If you feel you r may have suffered storm damage give us a call and we will help you access the right approach to repairing your roof and working with your insurance company

South County Roofing – Mission Viejo Roof Inspection

For your Mission Viejo roof inspection you can trust the experience level and expertise of our roof inspectors.  We can come out to your home and check the inside for any signs of water damage that may be related to the roof.  Photograph and document it if necessary.  Check the eave and the perimeter of the roof for any sign of premature roof failure such as: dry rot or excessive termite damage, and carefully and thoroughly inspect the roof and all of its components.  We can perform a roof inspection for:

  • Plumbing and heating flashing
  • Check for loose, cracked, or missing mortar,
  • Damaged shingles
  • Broken roofing tiles
  • Cracked skylights
  • Clogged gutter that should be cleaned
  • Missing caps or storm collars
  • Valley Flashing
  • Chimney and fireplace flashing

Don’t buy a home without having us inspect your roof.  Our inspections have been known to save our clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary roof repairs.  If we can find these roof repairs before you buy the home we can consult with you to have the seller to pay for us to properly fix your roof before you move in.  We only charge $225.00 for a complete Mission Viejo Roof Inspection and we include a thorough and comprehensive roof inspection report for you to use.  Our report will more than pay for itself.  Done buy your home without having South County Roofing inspect your roof first!  Call Mission Viejo Roof Repair Today!

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