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    Newport Beach Roofing

    Honest and reliable Newport Beach roofing services from a local and licensed roofer.  South County Roofing is a repair only roofer that specializes in finding and fixing difficult tile roof leaks.  We are licensed with the Contractors State License board under license number 737515.

Reliable Newport Beach Roofing Services

We know that your roof is a very important structure and that it provides you shelter and keeps you protected from the elements. This is why we are very meticulous and detailed with our work and never take short cuts while tackling this job. Apart from this, we also handle:

  • Roof repair of all kinds and can repair and replace shingles, gutter installations and other features that may have suffered damage or deterioration due to regular wear and tear.
  • Roof restoration that helps improve the condition of your roofing that may have got damaged in a storm or some other reason.
  • Moss cleaning and gutter cleaning in Newport Beach– these could be standalone services or part of a roof maintenance package that we can customize for you.
  • Skylight and solar light repair and replacement services.
  • Pre-purchase roof inspection services that help prospective home buyers identify whether the roof of the house is in a good condition.
  • Any other roofing problems you may be facing.
newport beach roofing
newport beach roofing

Honest Newport Beach Roofing Company

Regardless of how big or small the job, we are one of the roofing companies that handles every job expertly and in a detailed manner. This ensures our customers get value for money. For any additional information about our Newport Beach Roofing, give us a call at 949-597-0192. If you prefer to email us directly then you can do this at customerservice@southcountyroofing.com.

Email is best if you have some pictures of your roof that you have questions about.  This makes it easy for us to see the problem right away and let you know if this is something we can help with.

You can also send us all your project details via this online form and we will call you back to discuss all the details.

Licensed Newport Beach Roofing Company

We are your local roofer located in Lake Forest 92630 since 1997.  Being licensed for almost 25 years and locally based the entire time makes a stable experienced local roofer for all you roof repair needs.  Newport Beach Roofing Services:

  • Newport Beach Broken Roof Tile Repair – If you had anyone on your roof you should have us check it out just to be safe.  Termite tenting and Christmas light installers can break tile and if they don’t let you know about this you could experience a roof leak.
  • Newport Beach Skylight Repair or replacement – Skylights can sometimes leak because the flashing needs to be replaced.  If your skylight is cracked you should get it replaced before water comes in through the cracked lens or glass.
  • Newport Beach Wood Fascia Boards – Termite damage fascia needs to be either treated with something like orange oil or just removed and replaced if the fascia has received too much damage already.
  • Newport Beach Roof Inspections for new home buyers – You should never buy a home without having a professional roof inspection done by a licensed Newport Roofing Company.
  • Slipped or displaced roof tile repair – Roofing tiles that have slid out of place can lead to expensive roof leaks.  Have your tile roof check for broken tiles or slipped or displaced tiles before the rainy season.
  • Annual roof maintenance programs – Roof cleaning to help prevent skylight leaks from removing leaves and debris that can stack up behind them and prevent proper water drainage.
  • Commercial roof repairs for flat or low sloped roof systems – If you have a flat roof you are going to experience a roof leak from time to time. South County Roofing is your roof leak repair specialist.
  • Solar fan installations – Solar fans have comes a long way over the last 10 years.  The prices for the units have come down a lot and the power of the units have gone up.
  • Adding roof vents for hot attics – Hot attics spaces can be cooled down by adding a solar fan or additional roof vents.  This in turn will reduve the temperature of your attic and eventually make your home more comfortable.
  • Expert roof leak repair for those hard to find and fix roof leaks – We are a tile roof leak repair specialist.  We know how to safely remove and preserve your roof tiles.  We can find and fix the roof leak and then restore your tile roof back to its original condition.

Because Newport Beach Roofing is roof repair specialist you can depend on us to fix your roof in an honest and professional manner.  We pride ourselves on customer service and meeting your needs in regards to our work.  All roof repair estimates are free of charge.   Call the tile roof leak repair experts today and get your Newport Beach roofing job estimated this week.

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