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About Orange County Roofing

We are located in Lake Forest, Ca 92630 very near the 5 and 405 freeway intersection.  With our office centrally located in Orange County it allows us great access to all areas of Orange County within minutes.  This makes it possible for us to do same day estimates (when we are working close by) and gives each of the sales reps quick routes to visit jobs in progress daily.
A roofing company cannot succeed without following the basic licensing and insurance laws.

  • Having an active C-39 roofing license
  • Current License bond
  • Workers Compensation insurance or certificate of self insurance.

We do have an active C-39 and our license number is 737515, a compliant license bond, complete Workers Compensation insurance with an A-rated company and we also go one step further and carry 2 Million Dollar General Liability policy for your protection.


  • Click here to check our current license status detail with the CSLB.
  • Worker’s Compensation Certificate
  • $15,000 License Bond
  • 2 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance Certificate
Orange County Roofing Company

What Makes Us Different?

We are a roof repair only company and we only serve Orange County. Rather than spreading ourselves thin and offering many services to many areas we are solely focused on providing our customers with the best roof repair and leak detection division we can. The result is highly trained individuals that specialize in fixing your roof affordably and efficiently. This allows us to offer longer and stronger warranties, lower minimum charges for smaller repairs, and we can get most roof repairs done in a day.

Before and After Roof Repair

Before and After Photos

Yes, we do take them. All sales reps, supervisors, foremen, and roofer’s are required to have a smart phone and take pictures of roof repair as they progress through the different phases of the repair. That way you can see the removal and size of the roof repair area, the actual roof leak source, the condition of any damaged plywood or any necessary decking repairs, specific water proofing details, flashing repairs or fabrication, and the finished product. We want you to be 100% sure that everything we told you should be done will be done.

Our Service Policy Guarantee is you “No Leak” Guarantee

Before we even start your repair you will be given our exclusive Orange County Roofing Service Policy Guarantee that has no co-payment, deductibles, minimum show up fees, maximum amount of repair attempts, and no-proration’s on refunds and specifically states that Orange County Roofing will provide at no charge all necessary labor, materials, and required roofing services to fix your leak in the event your roof leak is not fixed.

Our Philosophy

Simply put it is “the customer’s always right”. By adapting this mentality it has allowed us to focus in on resolving rather than defending, jumping over hurdles rather than fortify them, and provide a service that begins and ends with the customer having the best possible experience with our company.

State Contractors License

Industry Expert Certification Award

Current Workers Compensation

Roofing License

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