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    Anaheim Hills Roof Repair Contractor

    Your Anaheim Hills roof is one of the most important parts of your home and it requires annual maintenance.  Consider having a roofing professional such as us on top of it.  It is because we specialize in Anaheim Hills roof repair.  Moreover, we can help replace any broken tiles and perform any necessary maintenance your roof needs.  Call the tile roof repair experts of Anaheim Hills today and get your free roof repair estimate tomorrow.

Anaheim Hills Roof Repair Specialist

South County Roofing and Roof Repair is a your local and roof repair company.  We operate this Orange County Roof Repair websites and we handle all of the communications in house.   South County Roofing is completely licensed with the Contractor’s State License Board, and we are always bonded and insured for your protection.  We provide free roof leak repair and roof tune ups for all of Anaheim and Anaheim Hills areas.  Below as some of our roofing services:

Roof Leak Detection – Repairing a leaking roof involves slowly removing small sections of the roof.  Moreover, the goal is to uncover the water damage that is below the tile and roofing felt.  We will trace the water to the leak source and find the actual cause of the roof leak.

Broken Roofing Tiles – The best way to keep your tile roof in good shape is to have us inspect your roof annually and replace any broken tiles.  Most roofing companies will only caulk your broken roofing tiles.  Furthermore, we treat your roof like our own and we properly remove and replace each broken roofing tile one at a time.

Anaheim Hills Roof Tune – If you want to keep your roof from leaking you will need to have it maintained from time to time.  This includes cleaning leaves and debris off your roof, repairing cracked mortar, resealing plumbing and heating flashings.

Fascia Repair and Replacement – If you have questions about the fascia around your roof then give us a call.  We offer free estimates for fascia repair and replacement.

Anaheim Hills Roof Repair
anaheim hills roof leak repair

Licensed Roofing Contractor Ca Anaheim Hills

Having Orange County Roof Repair on your roof is makes a huge difference in the quality of repair work you will expect to get.  Leaving your roof in the hands of a licensed professional who has done this 1000 times before is the best choice when it comes to solving a difficult roof leak.

We are the Anaheim Roofing  and Anaheim Roof Repair experts.  South County Roofing is a tile roof leak repair specialist.  We specialize in repairing tile roofs of all types such as: concrete tile roofs, clay tiles roof, light weight tile roofs, and Spanish tiles.

Working with us you are guaranteed the best roof repair services and pricing that provides you value for your money.  Our warranties are longer and stronger and our people love to work.

We offer a “No Leak” tile roof repair money backed guarantee that is unheard of in the roofing business.  If you’re looking for Anaheim Roofing Contractor this is licensed, insured and dedicated to customer service then you are in the right place.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves in providing excellent pricing, bullet proof Anaheim Hills roof leak repair guarantees and service with a smile.

Keep in mind we are a roof repair and roof leak detection specialist.  We do not do complete full roofs.  If you have a need for a new roof we would suggest contacting Bill Priebe at BP Roofing and fill out his contact form for any new roof needs,

We are service nearby cities such as:  Tustin, Anaheim, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, Orange Park Acres, Irvine,

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