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    Newport Beach Roof Repair

    Having a Newport Beach roof repair expert that you can count in times of needs is a very valuable contact to have.  When the time comes that you need the assistance of a professional roofer to either repair or find and fix a roof leak you want someone who is licensed and local.

Local Newport Beach Roof Repair Specialist

South County Roofing is that company.  We have been licensed with the Contractor’s State License Board since 1997.  Our license has always been in good standing with ZERO complaints listed.  We have been located in the same city for over 25 years.  Our home base is Lake Forest, ca 92630.  This gives us free access to anywhere in Orange County within minutes.

If you need the service of a licensed roofing professional who has been helping with Newport Beach Roof Repair since 1997 then you are in the right place.

Your roof is a very important a feature that must be inspected and checked on a regular basis. This helps you identify whether there is any kind of deterioration or damage to any of the components.  While this is a very essential aspect, its best to hire the best Newport Beach roofing contractors you can find. Newport Beach Roof Repair handles all types of roof repair & maintenance jobs. As a roof leak repair company, we specialize in tile roofs of all types for Newport Beach.

Reliable Newport Beach Roof Repair Services

Newport Beach Roof repair knows that your roof is a very important structure and that it provides you shelter and keeps you protected from the elements. This is why we are very meticulous and detailed with our work and never take short cuts while tackling this job. Apart from this, we also handle…

  • Roof Leak Repair – South County Roofing is your local and licensed roof leak repair and detection experts.  Furthermore, we specialize in tile roofs such as clay, cement, and Spanish tile roof leak repairs in Newport Beach.
  • Broken Roof Tile – Can lead to premature roof failure.  It is important for the look of the home to hire a Newport Beach Roofer that can properly match the existing tile.
  • Moss cleaning and gutter cleaning in Newport Beach – these could be standalone services or part of a roof maintenance package that we can customize for you.
  • Newport Beach Skylight – A leaking or broken skylight is nothing to fool around with.  Call the Newport Beach Skylight experts and get your free estimate today.
  • Newport Beach Roof Inspection – Roof inspections are an essential part of a new home purchase.  Let the roof inspection contractor protect your investment.
  • Roofing Contractor Newport Beach – is completely licensed bonded insured for your protection.
Newport Beach Roof Repair
Newport Beach Roof Leak Repair

Local Newport Beach Roof Repair Cympany

Regardless of how big or small the job, we are one of the roofing companies that handles every job expertly and in a detailed manner. This ensures our customers get value for money.

For any additional information about our roof repair in Newport Beach services, speak with the Newport Beach Roofing experts at this number- (949) 597-0192.

You can also send us all your project details via this online form and we will call you back to discuss all the details.  Email the office directly at customerservice@southcountyroofing.com any pictures of your roof that you have questions about.

Roofing Contractor Newport Beach Ca

Roofer Near Me - Newport Beach and Newport Coast

Newport Beach Roofing and Roof Repair Contractor

If you’re searching the Internet for a “legit”, licensed, and local roofing contractor then, you’re in the right area.  You have made your way to the Newport Beach Roofing and Roof Repair page for South County Roofing.  We are a local roofing company that is completely licensed bonded and insured.

On June 20th of the year 2017 we celebrated our 20th year of being licensed with Contractors State License Board.  We are not only licensed we are completely insured.  Our #1 goal is providing the best customer service.

What Does Being “Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Really Mean?

To us it means having an active Workers Compensation policy and we pay all of our employees by check every week and having General Liability Insurance covering alls project.  The Contractors State License Board “Does not” require this insurance to be held by roofer.  Which shows we go above the stated minimum requirements.

Newport Beach Roof Repair Contractor

Our specialty is roof repair of all types of roofs.  The only roof we won’t repair is a roof that is too old “in our opinion” for us to warranty our work.  We warranty everything we do.  If you want an honest opinion on if you need a new roof or if your roof can be repaired then give us a call.  We will be straight forward and let you know the options and give you the information you need in order for you to make the best decision for your roof.

What Type of Roof Do You Have?

One of the most common questions I get asked from customers is “What Type of Roof Do I Have?  If you are not sure these are common roofing types used in Newport Beach.

Asphalt composition shingles

Probably the most common roofing materials you will find in Newport Beach.  Popular manufactures of roofing shingles are GAF, Owens Corning, and Certainteed.  Shingles roofs are much flatter in comparison to Concrete tile roofing and they come in a variety of colors to match your home décor.

Concrete Roofing Tiles

Are very popular in some neighbors and can be extremely durable.  Concrete roofing tiles are available in three main “profiles” flat, “S” shaped, and the third profile has a series of small humps.  They can be smooth textured like a natural slate or have a rough texture like a traditional wood shake roof.  Newport Beach Roof Repair can help fix or tune up your tile roof.

Clay roof Tiles

Clay roofing tiles are the traditional Spanish tile roofing most people think of.  They have been around forever and they haven’t changed too much.  They can be much harder to work on than a traditional concrete roofing tile because of the different installation methods used to install a clay tile roof.  You need a very experienced roofer to work on your clay tile roof.  They can be messed up to a point of no return and they are very expensive to replace.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs are simply flat.  They are typically used in commercial building application because of the simplified structure of a commercial building which is typically a box shape structure with very little concern put into the design to keep building costs down.  But, knowing what materials you have on your flat roof will require a visit to your home from a licensed roofing professional.  There are many types of flat roofing materials used in Newport Beach such as Hot Tar and Rock, Mineral Surfaced Cap Sheet, TPO or plastic membranes, Self Adhered, and so on.  All of these roofs are required different repair methods to find and fix a roof leak and to maintain them.

Newport Beach Broken Roofing Tiles

Almost every Spanish Clay Tile roof or concrete tile roof I walk has broken tile on them.  Tiles break from foot traffic and suffer wind damage related breakage from time to time.  If you have broken tiles on your roof you need to have them carefully removed and replaced.  Don’t take this simple job lightly.  Incorrectly replacing your roofing tiles will lead to roof leaks.  There are a couple techniques that must be done in order to have a successful roof tile replacement done and if any shorts cuts are taken you won’t know it until your roof starts leaking.  Newport Beach Roof Repair specializes in tile roofing repairs of all types.  We will do it right the first time.

Roof Flashing Repair Newport Beach Ca

All roofs in Newport Beach have some flashing used on them.  Flashing is used to help water proofed and area of the roof where traditional roofing materials can’t do the job all by themselves.  Areas like skylight and chimneys need special flashing around the sides.  Plumbing and heating pipes need a specific flashing to transitional the roofing materials in and around the pipe itself.  And, they may need a storm collar and cap depending on the size of the pipe.  Flashing can require a special sealant to make sure they are properly sealed.

Newport Beach Roof Maintenance

Is an important and very often over looked roofing service that we do all the time.  Just like your car your roof will need servicing from time to time.  Done correctly you will seldom need to see a roofer on your roof.  Done incorrectly and you will get leaks.  You are better off not doing any roof work than getting some sloppy or incorrectly done roof repair work or maintenance. Call the Newport Beach Roof Repair professionals and leave your roof worried to us!

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