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    Roof Mold Cleaning Orange County

    Because your roof is exposed to moist conditions on a regular basis, it can develop mold and algae. Some homeowners don’t notice or recognize the signs of mold and algae, and ignore them. Unfortunately, they aren’t harmless; mold can cause health problems and lead to allergies while algae can damage the shingles and lead to expensive repairs. At Orange County Roof Repair, we can eliminate all kinds of mold and algae from your roof.

Orange County Roof Mold Cleaning

We know how to deal with both mold and algae on your tile or shingle roof, and make sure that we don’t damage your roofing in the process. Our experts take every precaution necessary to ensure the problem is eliminated completely. We do a very thorough cleaning and inspect the roof before we consider our job done. Here’s how we do it:


  • Our team will arrive at your home and inspect the roof carefully for signs of mold and algae.
  • Once we isolate the areas where the problem exists, we will determine the right solution for removal.
  • We then offer you a quote and schedule the clean-up according to your convenience.
  • We guarantee we will repair any roofing tiles we break during the process.
Mold Cleaning Services Orange County, Ca
Roof Mold Cleaning for Tile Roofs Located in Orange County

Why you should get the mold off your roof

To a certain degree, most roofing materials are mold and algae-resistant; however, you can’t avoid the problem completely. Moist conditions and shade will create a nurturing environment for them and that can cause problems. Hiring a mold cleaning service is a good solution, and there are a number of benefits to it, such as:


  • After we clear the algae and the mold, your roof would look clean and new. That would enhance the overall beauty of your home.
  • Mold can compromise the air quality of your home, even when it’s on your roof. When we do a mold cleaning, the air quality of your home will improve and you’ll get rid of that musty odor that always accompanies the presence of mold and algae.
  • These problems can lead to illness and allergies, so a clean roof will have a positive impact on your family’s health. Your children and elderly family members will be safe.


If you want to know more about our mold cleaning and other such services here at Orange County Roof Mold Cleaning, don’t hesitate to give us a call or fill in our contact us form. We’ll be happy to help.

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