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    Dana Point Roof Repair

    Dana Point Roof Repair is a very important aspect of your home and it’s probably one of the most important features of it too; that’s because it protects the walls and structure of your house, provides protection from the elements and protects all your belongings too.

    Little wonder then that homeowners want to make sure that it’s always in a good condition. It’s why they hire the services of credible roofing contractors.

We at Dana Point Roof Repair are one of the most experienced roofing companies in Dana Point.   In other words we are highly focused on providing tailor-made roof repair and maintenance solutions to our customers. Finally, we know exactly how important this service is and how important your roof is, to the structure of your home. It’s why we use top-quality materials and workmanship in every project and ensure that every job is completed in a detailed and meticulous manner.

Dana Point Roof Repair Specialist

Dana Point Roof Repair services are best performed by an expert in this field.  South County Roofing is that company.  If you find yourself searching the internet for a good roofing company then your search is over.

Dana Point roof repair prides itself in offering our customer the best pricing and customer service.

  • Broken Roofing Tiles – We make sure your roof is free is cracked or broken tiles.  We do not glue your tiles together.  We take the time to remove each broken roofing tile.  Then the underlayment is repaired.  Lastly, we furnish and install the replacement tile.
  • Roof Inspection – Save money and avoid re-roof costs with a professional Dana Point roof inspection.
  • Roof Tune Up – Our company provides very comprehensive roof tune up solutions for your tile roof and asphalt composition shingle roofs.
  • Leaking Skylight Repair – Get your leaking skylight repair done right the first time with us.  Dana Point Skylight repair can repair your leaking skylight and solve the problem
  • Skylight Replacement – You can schedule a visit with a member from our team to measure your skylight for replacement.
  • Slipped or displaced roof tiles – Do you have roof tiles that are missing or falling off?  We can help!
  • Leaking Chimney or Valley – A leaking chimney or valley section of your roof can be a complicated and expensive repair.  Trust the tile roof leak repair experts for the best pricing and best repair techniques.
Dana Point Roof Repair
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Dana Point Roof Repair Experts

With South County Roofing on your roof, you are assured of the best Dana Point roof Repair services at all times at a price point that gives you the maximum value for dollar.

Dana Point Roof Repair gives every customer that hires us to repair their roof leak and extended warranty.  Furthermore, this warranty cover you against any leak re-occurrence for the roof leak we repaired.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from calling us about your roof repair repairs.  Our warranties are longer and stronger, our prices are lower, and we are completely licensed and insured.  Call today and get your free estimate tomorrow.

For any more information about our roof repair in Dana Point services, speak with the Dana Point Roofing experts at this number- (949) 597-0192. You can also send us your project details via this online form and we will call you back to discuss all the details.

Dana Point Roof Repair Experts

In addition to the above we also provide the following roofing and roof repair service for Dana Point.

  • Concrete tile roof repair and restoration
  • Flashing service that includes resealing all plumbing and heating vent pipes.
  • Slipped and missing concrete roofing tiles
  • Gutter cleaning and re-leveling
  • We can clean mold off your roof with our affordable roof cleaning service.
  • Annual roof maintenance and roof inspection for new home buyers and owner who want to know what the best approach for their roof is.
  • Expert roof leak detection service for all types of roofs.
  • Wood fascia replacement due to mold, dry rot, and termites
  • Repairing damage eave sections of your roof and identifying the roof leak source that is causing the damage.
  • Solar fan installation to help cool down your Dana Point home
  • Skylight replacement for a old or cracked skylight help keep your roof leak free.
  • Leaking chimney repair – if you have water damage on your ceiling under or around a fireplace chances are your roof is leaking where the chimney flashingis.  We know how to remove and replace the chimney roofing flashing and fix your roof for good!
  • If you have broken roofing tiles then give us a call.  We have the most affordable broken roofing tile repair prices in all of Dana Point.

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