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Broken Roofing Tiles

Have us inspect your roof for broken roofing tiles to prevent costly roof leaks. We know how to match all types of roofing tiles such as: clay tiles, concrete tile, Spanish roofing tiles, steel roofs, slate and cement tile roofing.

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Roof Tune Ups

A roof tune up will include servicing your roof flashings, checking storm collars and vent caps.  We will make sure to check your skylights, chimney, and valley sections for loose or slipped tiles and clean off any excess leaves or debris off the roof.

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Roof Repair

We service all types of roofs and we offer one of the industries longest roof leak repair warranties.  We can repair your asphalt composition roof by replacing wind damaged shingles and changing deteriorated ridge caps.   We offer yearly maintenance for flat roofs and tile roof restoration for those who don’t want to buy a new roof.

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Repair your leaking skylight or replace your old skylight with a new glass or acrylic domed skylight. We also install solar tube skylights for dark hallways and small rooms that need more natural light.

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Solar Fans

Help cool the house, reduce attic temperature, and will extend your roof’s life by properly venting your attic.  A properly vented attic is necessary to keep your home cooler.

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Roof Inspection

Protect your investment by having us perform a thorough roof inspection before you purchase a home.  Our inspections will save you money and result in a smooth transaction.

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Gutter Cleaning

Removing excess debris and leaves, re-leveling gutters to direct water towards downspouts, resealing leaking end caps and joints, installing additional spikes for improperly hung gutters.

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Mold Cleaning

Removal of mold and algae from your roof will beautify your home and improve the air quality for people that have allergies due to mold or algae.

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